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The Complete Carpet Python- written by Nick Mutton, Dr. Justin Julander and a special chapter on advanced reproduction by  Dr. Benson Morrill.
This is the best book that has been written on the carpet python complex.  It covers everything about carpet pythons that you would want to know. It covers topics ranging from natural history, the evolution of the complex along with everything that you will need to know to keep and breed them in captivity. It also has a chapter on Morelia carinata- Rough scaled pythons.
This is an absolute must have if your interested in the complex.
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Pythons of the World Vol. 1, Australia
By: Dave and Tracy M. Barker
This is one of my favorite books ever written on pythons by some of the most knowledgeable people in the reptile world.
This book covers all species of pythons found in Australia, including carpet pythons. This is a hard to find book but is well worth it.